Welcome to Chad's Pictures a restaurant review and travel guide site. This is my collection of pictures and information on restaurants, hotels, travel information and other trips that we have taken over the years.

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Over the years my wife and I have traveled to many places and taken thousands of pictures that we have shared with friends and family on Facebook. But there is so much more that we would like to share and that is why I have put together this site so others can get information on the restaurants and places that we have traveled to over the years. We go out to eat a lot because neither of us likes to cook so we find ourselves in different bars and restaurants almost everyday. And because my wife has been taking pictures of our meals for years we have lots of food pics to share. We have also traveled to many places around the United States and other countries and taken pictures of all our vacation destinations and tourist attractions.

I have added photo galleries of all the places we have visited and eaten from Palm Beach County in South Florida to places like Machu Pichu Peru, California, New York, Costa Rica and more. We hope you enjoy our pictures and restaurant reviews and come back often for constant updates. Travel Safe!


Restaurant and Food Reviews with Pictures
Restaurant Reviews

The Restaurant Reviews pages have all the pictures of the local bars and dining establishments that we eat at locally in Palm Beach County Florida and from all of our vacation travels throughout the world. We enjoy eating out as much as possible to experience the different cultures and food choices that are available.

Automotive Repair Guides and Maintenance Instructions for Do-It-Yourself Owners
Automotive Repair Guides and Pictures

The Automotive Repair Guides are do-it-yourself how-to information for fixing and replacing broken and burnt out parts on many vehicles. How-to guides for replacing wiper blades, air filters, dome lights, Car batteries, and other online automotive repair guides and pictures. Step-by-step instructions to help you fix it yourself without paying a mechanic shop.

Review Pictures and DIY Guides
Miscellaneous Reviews & Do-It-Yourself Guides

The Miscellaneous Reviews and Do-It-Yourself Guides page is just what it shoud be, things that don't fit in the other categories. Anytime I have a project I'll take pictures of it and give instructions on how-to do it yourself. Anything from smoke alarm batteries to car accessories. And if I buy anything fun I will post the pictures in this section to share with others.

Travel Reviews and Guides
Travel Pictures

The Travel Reviews pages are a collection of pictures and information about the places we have traveled. We have visited many places over the years and enjoy taking pictures so we can always look back on our vacations. Feel free to check out all the destinations we like to go and we hope that it helps you decide to visit some of them as well.

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